Bottling Line Operator

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    Frank-Lin Distillers
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    negotiable / monthly
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    1 day ago
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Job Description

Position:  Line Operator

Job Summary:

The Line Operator is responsible for ensuring that all proper materials are available and on the line in an organized manner. Ensuring that all components of the line are set-up properly and that all necessary line workers are in position and aware of their individual responsibilities and following all of the PPE requirements. Completes the paperwork necessary for start-up and verifies with QC tech that liquid is approved and released by lab before production begins. Must be aware of the different components on the line and how they operate and be able to communicate intelligently with mechanics to explain issues/problems. Must know how to trouble shoot the various pieces of equipment but understand that fixing them is the responsibility of the mechanics. Needs to be able to train new operators and must be able to rotate shifts, work overtime, and weekends when necessary. Must be able to read, write, and speak English clearly.


Essential Duties:

·         Responsible for all line components’ change over and set-up

·         Must check daily production schedule to determine necessary materials for each production run

·         Ensure  labels are correct and are applied within specifications

·         Ensure that label inspection system is working properly at all times

·         Maintain cleanliness and order on the line. If line is down for any reason ensure the crew is busy cleaning the line.

·         Ensure all machine guards are in place for safe operation of all line components

·         Must perform minor adjustments on the line to ensure proper labeling, filling, and packing

·         Work with mechanics on any issue that needs to be corrected

·         Work with QC if there is an issue or question regarding liquid, fill height, proper labeling, and or case and bottle coding

·         Ensure all unused materials are neatly collected and stored properly at the end of each production run

·         Ensure proper wash down and wash out of all line components between products and at the end of the day

·         Attend all pre-shift meetings with their line crew

·         Must be able to communicate with and manage their line crew. Must ensure they have proper crewing at all times

·         Must work closely with floor supervisors and be able to communicate clearly any issues or concerns with line components or line crew members

·         Proper hygiene is mandatory. Make-up is permitted but fragrances need to be kept to a minimum. Long hair must be worn up and back. No jewelry permitted, except wedding rings and if a wedding ring is worn gloves must be worn over it

·         Follow all Personal PE requirements and ensure your line crew does the same

·         Ultimately responsible for the workers on the line and for the finished package coming off the line